Are you Inadmissable?

If you have found a basis for your green card, such as you are a part of a company that trades with the United States and you plan on arriving to the US to work here for your company, your application could still be denied.  unfortunately, the USCIS is able to deny your application if they decide that you are \”inadmissible.\”

Indamissable means that there is something about  you that the government believes is not desirable. For example, if you committed a crime, you could be denied a visa.  The USCIS maintains a list that sums up the basis of inadmisability and whether there is a waiver available.  A waiver is a legal excuse and it can overcome grounds of inadmissability.

For more on the topic and to see whether you qualify for a waiver, call my office for free at 212-233-0666.


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