How To Prepare for your Immigration Interview

\"\"After filling your paperwork with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service, you may have to attend an interview at US Consulate or at Immigration office, such as 26 Federal Plaza in Manhattan or the Garden City field office on Stewart Avenue.  Often this is your first contact with  person from the Immigration service. It could be intimidating.  It doesn\’t need to.  Here\’s a quick guide of how to prepare for the interview.

Why an interview?

  • The USCIS has your application and wants to ask follow up questions.
  • If you applied to get your green card through marriage, the immigration officer wants to make sure that the marriage is in good faith or real.
  • They will also ask questions on your application and look for inconsistent statements.

How to Prepare for the Questioning

  • Read your application and make sure everything is accurate
  • Bring with you a copy of the full application along with all supporting documents.  If you submitted you application on the basis of marriage, make sure to bring your wedding alblum.
  • Make sure that you know all the answers to your previously submitted questions from your application.
  • If you submitted your application based on family ties, be aware of all the financial information of your spouse and your sponsor.

How to dress:

  • Simply put, dress like you are going to church or a religious occasion.  Remember, the immigration official will be judging everything about you, including the way you look. Avoid wearing baggy pants, t-shirts and jeans.


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