New York Case Status

Wondering if you have ever been sued?  In the alternative, if you have a case in suit, would you like to know its status? Amazing enough, this information can be found for free at the New York Uniform System website.

Through eCourts you can find free case information, which includes future and past court appearances.   If you sign up for its email notification service (also gratis), the court will even send you an email anytime there is a change of status to your case.

The search feature of the site is also powerful.  You can search by the name of a plaintiff, defendant, attorney, or judge. You can also search by index number.

This site is also a great tool for performing competitive intelligence about companies.  In addition, if you are considering doing business with a company or individual, why not check to see if they have ever been involved in any litigation. By going to eCourts, you have nothing to lose.

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