Should You Litigate?

Just because you may have a claim to start a lawsuit does not mean you should.  Litigation can be expensive.  It is absolutely critical to assess the economics in starting a lawsuit before doing so.

During your initial consultation with an attorney, you have to consider the amount you are planning to sue for, what relief you expect to be granted, and the expense involved in obtaining a judgment. If you are being sued, you must weigh the cost of defending the lawsuit against the price of settling the case.  Here are some factors you should look at:

  • Cost of Litigation.    You know that litigation is expensive.  A case can cost anywhere from $3,500.00 for a simple matter t0 hundreds of thousands of dollars for c0mplex litigation.
  • What are your resources?   Does your adversary have deep pockets?  Do you have enough money to fund your case to trial?  If you don\’t have the financial means, litigation is not for you.
  • What is your emotional makeup?  I hate to say it, but litigation can take years.  If you want to change the system, contact your local assembly person and ask for more court funding.

If you have the financial ability and you are able to delay gratification, control your emotions and think rationally, then you should litigate.

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